The view from the newly opened Big River Crossing puts the Memphis skyline into beautiful perspective. Memphis is rolling out the welcome carpet...and the future beckons. 

You feel the confluence walking the mile or so across the active rail/bicycle/pedestrian bridge. Beneath your feet the muddy Mississippi flows fast with busy river traffic, overhead the occasional FedEx plane. The sound of the future converges on the mid south, the distribution capital of the world. This transportation town is bursting with opportunity. Memphis is opening her door. Let Whitco and The Whitington Company show you around. While others sell you motivational packages and talk, Whitco properties puts systems and proprietary formulas into action with proven results that work in any market. It is all about the knowledge! It is all proven in the data!

Memphis remains attractive to the international investor. The whole southeast market is a viable target market for the investor in residential, multi-family, and commercial, with entry strategies at all levels.

From the small one penny home investor to big REIT there is high rate of return in tangible property. With commercial and warehouse Investors flocking to the Mid-south it will insure stable investment with slightly higher returns than the east or west coast for the forcible future. There is strong growth and the city looks bright! A new day with new leadership for the city and metro Shelby County. 

The Election is over and as we head into transition and a promising era of continued economic growth, embrace this coming new year refocused with the strength of our team behind your portfolio. Memphis is a great place to buy rental property with a dynamic market to put your dollars to work. Where other markets are starting to see median rental rates stagnate Memphis is on the incline. Memphis will remain one of the top rental markets in the US with a great rent to price ratio and renters are staying renters much longer.  We are data driven! Let us show you the numbers. Using our business analytic apps, we are able to demonstrate direct demographic comparisons. No questions are left unanswered in our consultation.

Whitco Investments and The Whitington Company team offer guided real estate tours showcasing investment portfolios and demonstrating houses at varying stages of the process. Inventory potentials and educating the investor on the market with pocket focus areas, we put our boots on the ground. There are many stages that an investor can feel safe stepping into the process. We have the knowledge and expertise as investors and property manager ourselves with many years under our belt. We can empathize with every situation. As a turnkey full service agency let us help put money into action with our proprietary system. Real Estate education and information is all over the internet. We streamline and personalize the data for you. Once the investor is ready we have the expertise to locate and build a sustainable portfolio to sell or hold. 

Location analytics, insights about a property and its neighborhood are as essential as financial analysis. Stop relying on your gut and let us show you the technology to find and close deals that build and maintain your real estate investment portfolio. It is important to communicate and fully understand whether you are a first time investor or real estate guru. Insights trumps hindsight!

Come take a tour with The Whitington Team, we might even bring along Mae—our property hound:

Whitco Property Hound